How To Cure Asthma Naturally

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From the desk of Cullen Adams:

coverDear Friend,

If you or your loved one suffers asthma and is reliant on asthma medication, this may be one of the most important messages that you ever read.

Imagine leading your life where you Never have to take drugs to control your asthma Ever Again! I am here to tell you that you can!

We know it’s possible because people, children outgrow their asthma all the time! But they never realize how they did it. One day they have asthma and all of the complications associated with it, then after a certain period of time, they don’t! Wouldn’t you like to know how this is possible?

Asthma is a breathing disorder and in order to free yourself of asthma you need to correct the imbalance in your body, which is causing asthma symptoms.

The body produces a natural hormone called Cortisone which is a very powerful anti-inflammatory. When your body is producing enough of this vital hormone, your airways will not become inflamed. If you suffer asthma, you have a shortage which is causing your asthma. However, what if I told you that you can Kick Start Your Adrenal Glands to produce adequate amounts of this vital hormone?

If you are skeptical I totally understand. I would be skeptical too if I was in your shoes and reading this! It wasn’t that long ago when I believed that if the mainstream medical community advocates drug dependency for asthma sufferers for the rest of their lives, then that must be the only solution for me. But Thank Goodness It Isn’t!

I am about to share with you simple to learn techniques that can truly set you free from your asthma. When you learn and master these techniques, you will wonder why your doctor didn’t tell you about them. The truth is they probably don’t know about it. They are only trained to prescribe you drugs designed for you to live with a chronic disorder for a lifetime, only masking symptoms of the disorder and not address it’s underlying cause.

The health systems across the world are complex systems with many social, political and economical implications. Who is going to campaign to have a natural, drug free strategy replace the current system of treating asthma with drugs? Certainly not the pharmaceutical companies who make billions of dollars every year selling their products.

This program is based on the work of some of the leading respiratory doctors in the world over the past 100 years, most notably Dr Konstantin Buteyko & Dr Christian Bohr. It contains complex medical content, but has been made simple to understand.

I’m not talking about special herbal pills or a magic dietary formula; what I am talking about are Breathing Techniques that address the Root Cause of Asthma. Asthma is a breathing disorder. Why some of us suffer from asthma is most likely genetic. That doesn’t mean that those of us genetically predisposed to asthma need to live a lifetime full of asthmatic symptoms.

This program works on the very cause of asthmatic symptoms and many other breathing abnormalities. There are many known triggers of asthma and this program discusses all of these triggers, however there is only one cause. That cause is Involuntary Hyperventilation… i.e. breathing more air than you need. This program will explain the science behind why it is the cause and shows you how you can safely stop doing what you are unknowingly doing, which is causing your asthma. You can effortlessly optimize your health and eliminate asthmatic symptoms GUARANTEED when you learn these techniques.

We know that overeating is bad for our health. It can lead to obesity and many related health problems associated with being overweight. Even drinking too much water known as water intoxication or Hyponatremia, can be fatal! In fact EVERYTHING in excess has a negative impact on our health including HYPERVENTILATION. Breathing too much air can cause nausea, dizziness, anxiety, heart palpitations, asthma, cardiac arrest and ultimately even death! 

Learn How To Overcome An Asthma Attack & Learn How To Prevent Them!

Your body has its own Natural Broncho-dilator that can open up your airways during an attack. Imagine being able to train your body to produce Natural Ventolin! This program will teach you how your body can release it easily so you never have to rely on fast acting reliever drugs, which only worsen your asthma; creating dependency. 

For the first time learn all about the single thing that causes asthma - and discover how to effortlessly reverse it. Discover the known side effects of your asthma medications that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know.

Find out how asthmatic you are right now within 1 minute and how you can measure your improvement as you learn the techniques contained in the program. 

Learn the 2 Golden Rules you must follow to kiss your asthma goodbye forever!

The exact method on “How To Breathe” to not only free yourself of asthma but Improve All Of The Systems Within Your Body including blood pressure, metabolism, digestion, acid/alkaline balance, mood, energy production, sleep and more….

Learn how to kick start your adrenal glands to start producing sufficient amounts of your body’s Natural Steroid Cortisone which you need to prevent your airways becoming inflamed so you can STOP relying on man-made steroids.

How to Unblock Your Nose and prevent it from blocking Without Drugs Or Sprays

The Drug-Free Anti Asthma Attack Strategy. This technique shows you exactly what to do when you are having an asthma attack and Reverse It Immediately!

How to Clear Mucus from your lungs effectively Without Causing Harm To Your Lungs And/Or Throat. Also How To Stop the cycle of more and more mucus forming.

10 Superfoods to help fight asthma symptoms. The truth about asthma & diet based on sound Scientific Proof, not old wives tales. Foods that can trigger asthma!

The Simple Exercise to do before playing sport or exercise to Prevent Exercise Induced Asthma. 

Learn how to get your Second Wind Not Asthma. Discover how you can exercise or participate in sport for long periods with Maximum Stamina not Asthmatic Symptoms! 

What causes Nocturnal Asthma and how to Sleep Through The Night without waking up with asthma symptoms. 

The 5 Rules you must follow to Prevent Nocturnal Asthma

How to Teach Your Children how to stop their asthma

My Story 

Let me tell you a little bit about my own story. I was born with one of the rarest types of dwarfism in the world, Geleophysic Dysplasia. It is characterised by cardiovascular problems including respiratory issues and Prognosis Is Poor. Many cases of children born with GeleophysicDysplasia Do Not Make Adulthood.

I struggled with Respiratory Complications through to my mid to late twenties. It started when I was 13. In hindsight I am not convinced I had asthma in the beginning, but once I was prescribed asthma medications by my doctors, asthma soon developed. It didn’t take long before I was Dependent on these medications to control my breathing on a Daily Basis.

My asthma continued to get worse for a number of years. I couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up wheezing. I had to stop playing soccer when I was 18 because I couldn’t even get through 5 minutes of a game without having an asthma attack. I finally became fed up and I took matters into my own hands. I researched for years, reading medical articles, books and I tried many different things. I followed advice on diet; eliminating or including certain foods. I tried certain lung exercises which were recommended to me. Some Changes In My Diet Had Small Success, But Nothing Completely Eliminated My Asthma. The lung exercises recommended to me often made me feel light-headed and dizzy. Most of the things I tried and the books I read were only designed to help people better handle their asthma, but not cure it! It was only by chance that one day, I stumbled across the answer to my prayers and it happened when I was least expecting it, totally out of the blue.

Fast forward a few years and I no longer require asthma medications at all! I enjoy the confidence that only somebody that is not reliant on drugs to survive can enjoy. I cured my asthma with my will alone and a willingness to accept nothing but the truth.

It is hard to put a value on this information. How much would you pay to eliminate asthma? How Much Is Your Health Worth? I believe the information contained within this program is priceless! $1,000 for this information would be worth every cent!

I used to sell this ebook on for $27 for about a year, helping dozens of asthma sufferers around the world. But I decided that this information is too valuable to charge money for it.  It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure to be able to help people across the world cure their asthma. This outcome is truly PRICELESS!

I want to give access to this info to as many people as possible, because I KNOW IT WILL CHANGE LIVES! 






P.P.S. – You have 2 futures from here on. You continue struggling for breath, hesitant or unable to exercise or participate in sport, waking up in the morning or the middle of the nigh with asthmatic symptoms OR you can take a risk free chance and download a program that will Change Your Life!



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